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Lighting the Path: AAPI Leaders Powering Up the Energy Justice Movement


Join us for Lighting the Path: AAPI Leaders Powering Up the Energy Justice Movement this August 11, 2023 to explore the rich history of islands around the world, and how it has led to a powerful movement for energy justice.  From Hawai’i to the Philippines, islands have a rich history of power, honor, and connection to the natural world. For centuries, island communities have honored the planet and fought to protect their resources from the exploitation of mainlands. Despite facing the challenges of colonialism and exploitation, these communities have fostered a movement for Energy Justice that has proven stronger than their opponents. 


At Lighting the Path, you will have the opportunity to hear from Steph Speirs, Councilwoman Keani Rawlins, Crystal Huang, and Shao Zhi Zong as they share their knowledge and experiences, moderated by Kristy Drutman, or Brown Girl Green. They will explore how their community inspired their work in the field, the spirit of fighting for utility justice, and revolutionizing energy to serve their communities. By attending this event, you will gain a deeper understanding of the unique challenges faced by island nations and the innovative solutions they have developed to achieve Energy Justice. This event is hosted by Solstice Power Technologies, Energy Allies, and Green 2.0.


  1. Introduction by Shao Zhi Zong, Green 2.0 Creative Director
  2. Panelist Q&A with Kristy Drutman
  3. Questions from the Audience


Steph is an entrepreneur and community builder with management experience in the Middle East, South Asia, and the United States.


She co-founded and runs Solstice, an enterprise dedicated to radically expanding the number of American households that can take advantage of clean energy using community-shared solar farms. She was selected as an Inc Magazine Female Founder 100, Echoing Green Climate Fellow, a Kia Revisionary, a Renewable Energy World 40 Under 40 in Solar, Elle Magazine/INCO’s US Impact Entrepreneur of the Year, for the C3E Women in Clean Energy Entrepreneurship Award, as a Grist 50 Fixer, a Sierra Club Face of Clean Energy, a GLG Social Impact Fellow, a Cordes Fellow, a Global Good Fund Fellow, and an Acumen Global Fellow. Solstice was accelerated by Techstars Boston, MIT, Princeton, MassChallenge, Halcyon Incubator, and Cleantech Open.


She previously led sales and marketing innovation initiatives in India at d.light, a solar products company powering areas without reliable electricity; spearheaded Acumen’s renewable energy impact investment strategy in Pakistan; developed Middle East policy as the youngest policy director at the White House National Security Council; and field organized in seven states for the first Obama presidential campaign.


She serves on the Board of Directors of the Sierra Club Foundation and on the Advisory Board of the Yale Center for Environmental Law and Policy. She holds a B.A. from Yale, a Master in Public Affairs (MPA) with distinction from Princeton, and an MBA from MIT with a Certificate in Entrepreneurship and Innovation. At MIT, she was a recipient of the Paul and Daisy Soros Fellowship for New Americans, the Legatum Fellowship, the Dean’s Fellowship, and the Public Service Fellowship. She originally hails from Hawaii and was raised by a single immigrant mother.


Kristy Drutman, otherwise known as “Browngirl Green” is a speaker, consultant, media producer, and environmental educator passionate about working at the intersections between media, diversity, and environmentalism.

As a young entrepreneur, Kristy has educated hundreds of thousands of people across the globe about modern-day environmental issues through speeches and media content as well as facilitates workshops centered around environmental media and storytelling in cities across the United States.


Kristy is also the Co-Founder of the Green Jobs Board, a climate tech start-up bridging the equity and inclusion gap within the green economy through conversations, resources, and pathways to bring more diverse talent into the environmental field.

Event Promotion

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  • From Hawai’i to the Philippines, the islands have a shared history of power, honor, and connection to our planet. Join us on Friday, August 11 at 3PM EST for a thought-provoking discussion featuring AAPI leaders as they explore this history and its impact on the energy justice movement today at #AAPIPower #EnergyJustice #JustTransition
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  • Don’t miss this incredible opportunity to learn from some of the most inspiring AAPI leaders advancing energy justice today! Hear their stories, gain insights into their work, and discover how we can all come together to build an equitable energy transition on 08/11 at 3PM EST. RSVP at! #EnergyJustice
  • Islands around the world share a history of power, honor, and connection to our planet’s lush ecosystems. Join us on August 11, at 3 PM EST for an event celebrating this rich history and the movement for Energy Justice that has grown out from it. Hear from environmental leaders about their home islands and the work they’re doing to create a more just and sustainable future at #AAPI Power


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