8 Nonprofits Eliminating Racial Discrimination

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75 years ago, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. was adopted by the United Nations General Assembly, marking a significant milestone in the pursuit of equal rights and freedoms for all. However, the journey towards building a truly inclusive world free from prejudice is far from complete. 

Every year on March 21, the International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination commemorates the Sharpeville massacre in South Africa. This tragic event unfolded when thousands of people peacefully protested against the unjust pass laws that restricted the movements of black and brown Africans. Despite the peaceful nature of the protest, it was met with violence as the South African Police opened fire, resulting in the loss of 69 lives and injuring 180 others.


Sadly, incidents of police violence continue to occur both within our communities and worldwide. Similar to Sharpeville, many cities in the United States have witnessed an increase in police presence and funding following population influxes, often in response to tragic events but without sufficient community support. Displaced residents, like those in the neighboring township of Topville who faced forced evictions, were met with a new police station and enforcement of oppressive laws instead of receiving the necessary assistance and support

On this significant occasion, Energy Allies acknowledges the vital work of our partners in promoting racial equity through community ownership and leadership. We recognize the history of police violence and firmly believe that investing in communities and individuals, rather than in policing, provides the greatest opportunities for all.


Join us in honoring the International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination as we strive for a future where equality and justice prevail for everyone.

The Chisholm Legacy Project is a non-profit, with it’s mission rooted in a Just Transition Framework. The Project serves as a vehicle to connect Black communities on the frontlines of climate justice with resources to traverse the path from vision to strategy to action plan to implementation to transformation. In support of frontline leadership, the project seeks to link movements and mainstream entities with the tools necessary to advance systems change centered in equity and justice. With Black women on the frontlines of advancing systems change, this project ensures that these leaders have the support they need as they transform society from extractivism to a living economy that cares for sacred relationships between people and with Mother Earth, through regenerative, cooperative, democratic systems.

The Greenlining Institute is a non-profit working towards a future where communities of color can build wealth, live in healthy places filled with economic opportunity, and are ready to meet the challenges posed by climate change.

The Solutions Project is a national non-profit organization that funds and amplifies climate justice solutions created by frontline communities building an equitable and regenerative economy.

Climate Justice Alliance is a national non-profit organization that funds and amplifies climate justice solutions created by frontline communities building an equitable and regenerative economy.

Just Transition Alliance is a non-profit, focused on community education, awareness and action that aims to ameliorate the lack of knowledge and the lack of choices that our communities and workers face when dealing with unwarranted toxic trespass.

One of the Alliance’s main objectives is shifting toward a sustainable economy that does not compromise people and our environment—one that is driven by those at the frontline and on the fencelines of unsustainable production. 

The Emerald Cities Collaborative (ECC) is a non-profit that pursues a high-road approach to greening our cities, building resilient regional economies and strengthening our democracy. By building cross-sector collaborations, acutely focused on those historically left out of the economic and community development process, we help communities unleash their capacity to build high-road economies that are more sustainable, economically just and democratic.

Just Solutions Collective is a non-profit working to broaden and deepen the understanding of equitable and effective policies and projects to build the capacity of communities to replicate, scale and build support for justice-centered solutions.

Energy Allies is a non-profit revolutionizing the energy system by centering climate-impacted communities in clean energy projects, policy advocacy, and education. 


The benefits of our community-led projects flow back to our communities to share the economic, environmental, and social benefits long-term. 


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