Revolutionizing Energy by Standing in Solidarity with Jordan Neely and Addressing Systemic Racism

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To our communities,


The lynching of Jordan Neely is a horrific and tragic act of racial violence. As an organization committed to revolutionizing the energy industry, we stand with those demanding justice for Jordan Neely and fighting against white supremacist narratives that blame the victim. In response to this tragedy, we recognize the urgent need to address systemic racism in all forms, including housing inequities and police violence.


We are dedicated to working with communities impacted by climate change. That’s why we understand that housing justice is a critical issue, especially since it’s been worsened by the pandemic. We support housing systems that prioritize the basic human right to shelter, and urge federal and state governments to proactively protect this right and prevent further exacerbation of the housing crisis. Our mission is to revolutionize energy by working with these communities to ensure they lead local clean energy solutions.


We urge others in the energy industry and beyond to join us in taking action against racism and fight for justice for Jordan Neely and all victims of racial violence. You can pay your respects to Jordan Neely’s legacy by supporting his family and loved ones today. It is only by supporting families and communities that we can build a more just and equitable world.


Finally, Energy Allies acknowledges that addressing systemic racism is crucial to building a more just and equitable world, and we prioritize partnerships with Black-led organizations. We provide the broader community with free educational resources on community-led energy and energy justice, enabling them to mobilize and lead their own clean energy solutions. We believe that climate-impacted communities have the power and knowledge to lead our equitable clean energy transition, and your support centers these communities in our work. 


Power to the people, always, 


The Energy Allies Team



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