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New York Energy Experiences Survey


Energy Allies is calling upon our New York-based partners and like-minded organizations for support in spreading our 15-minute survey aimed at gathering energy insights and experiences. The information collected from this survey will be instrumental in tailoring a specialized energy justice training program for New York, addressing knowledge gaps, and fostering increased community engagement within the energy sector. All survey answers are anonymous and will be analyzed by Energy Allies Staff. Individual answers will not be published nor shared externally. Any data later displayed will be aggregated across all responses. Participants can schedule a time to discuss responses and void anonymity by providing a name and email address at the end of the survey. Thank you, your communities play a pivotal role in shaping the direction of Energy Allies’ program development. Please direct questions and concerns to our Program Coordinator, Eve Lukens-Day at [email protected].


Participate in our survey today at

Participa en la Encuesta de Experiencias Energéticas de Nueva York. Desliza para obtener más información. ¡Podrías ganar $50! Energy Allies está convocando a nuestros socios y miembros de la comunidad en Nueva York para que participen en nuestra encuesta de 15 minutos, con el objetivo de recopilar información sobre percepciones y experiencias en el ámbito energético. ¡Haz clic en el enlace de nuestra biografía para participar en nuestra encuesta hoy mismo! La información recopilada en esta encuesta será fundamental para adaptar un programa especializado de capacitación en justicia energética para Nueva York, abordando las brechas en el conocimiento y fomentando una mayor participación comunitaria en el sector energético.

Participen en nuestra encuesta enética

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  • Attention New York community members & organizations! 🗽 We invite you to participate in our survey to inform the development of an energy justice training program by & for New Yorkers. Take the survey now at #EnergyAllies
  • 🌆 Are you a New Yorker passionate about #EnergyJustice? Share your insights with us through our 15-minute survey! Your valuable input will guide the creation of a specialized training program for New York. Take the survey now at #EnergyExperiences