In 2022, Energy Allies supported and advocated for policies in MA, NY, and across the nation through submitting comments to support our coalition partners in advocating for a more just and equitable future.

Community-led Solar Policy

We convene Community Partners to co-design solar projects that prioritize local values and opportunities to build wealth; advocate for community-led solar policy; and enhance access for community members. Communities understand the benefits of clean energy, but are presented with systemic barriers that prohibit access to it. Energy Allies identifies barriers and cultivates resources and opportunities to co-design just energy solutions.

Some highlights of our work include:




Community Solar Policy Research

This is the policy landscape of policy that currently exists. By sharing the current policy landscape, our team hopes to educate and advance advocacy for inclusive community solar policy in all 50 states.




Energy Allies advances inclusive energy research to build access to clean energy in climate-impacted communities.