Energy Allies is working alongside PUSH Buffalo to ensure climate-impacted communities lead local energy solutions.

Ways to get involved:

If you live in Buffalo and want to help fight for locally controlled clean energy join our Community Advisory Board! Members will be compensated for their time.

Do you know of or own a large roof, parking lot or plot of land? 

Plant the seeds for our energy system revolution by donating to support a community-led solar project.


Our project will focus on Buffalo’s West Side where our project partner PUSH Buffalo resides. Racist redlining practices and deindustrialization resulted in decades of disinvestment and neglect in Buffalo’s West Side. These histories continue to impact its populations today, with aging and inefficient housing stock, high energy costs, low paying jobs, and urban heat islands and air pollution that cause negative health impacts for its residents. Existing renewable energy and energy efficiency programs have failed to effectively include communities of color and income-eligible communities and, as a result, these programs have not been deployed effectively in their neighborhoods.


The West Side also has a rich mixture of Asian, Latinx and African cultures as a result of the large influx of refugees that have found homes in the community over the course of the last few decades. PUSH Buffalo was originally formed by West Side residents in 2005 to build power in their community by organizing people and creating quality affordable housing options. We’re excited to work alongside PUSH and West Side residents on this project to advance local benefits for communities and develop community-controlled clean energy solutions.


All the decision-making on size, location, and enrollment for the project will be led by you, on our Community Advisory Board.

Join our buffalo Community Advisory Board

Are you interested in advancing clean energy solutions that provide real benefits back to Buffalo residents?

We will form a Community Advisory Board (CAB), of community members and local leaders to coordinate decision-making on the project.


The CAB has the opportunity to lead on project siting, community ownership, workforce development, building grid resilience through storage, and co-designing public spaces.


Our goal is to solidify our participatory community-led energy model that centers communities and builds on the learnings of our work in Boston.


Contact PUSH Buffalo at [email protected] or click the Energy Allies logo in the bottom right corner to join our Community Advisory Board today!

Our Community Advisory Board Meetings will be held virtually starting in the Summer of 2023. Community Advisory Board members will be compensated for their time. We are looking to partner with passionate people to co-develop a Community-Led Solar Project in Buffalo’s West Side. By becoming a member of our Community Advisory Board, you will:

  • Develop a solar energy project with us! 
  • Make key project decisions, including where it’s located, financing structure, and workforce development
  • Play a part in your community’s resiliency and build pathways for community wealth
  • Design an intersectional clean energy project that centers your community!

What does it mean to be a project host?

  • Project hosts do not have to invest any money upfront in the solar project 
  • Hosts will earn an annual leasing fee by allowing the project to be sited on their land or rooftop a year for the 25-year life span of the project
  • Project hosts are not required to operate or maintain the system
  • Project hosts can also get a discount on their electricity bills or choose to give all savings to the community 
  • Hosting solar on your roof can increase the longevity of your roof. Generally, newer roofs are a better fit for hosting these projects. 
  • If you have an older roof, Energy Allies is available to consult and support your organization in raising funds to replace it.

Our Buffalo Community Advisory Board is supported by: