Energy Democracy Project

The Energy Democracy Project is a collaboration of more than 30 diverse, local, frontline organizations across the U.S. to strengthen their collective efforts to democratize energy and advance the emerging energy democracy movement in the United States.


Energy Democracy Project

The Energy Democracy Project is made of its Project Collaborators who make everything happen. They are mainly local frontline organizations across the U.S from east to west and north to south, engaged in a broad range of energy democracy efforts geared to local conditions. Most of them are significantly under-resourced and value the collective support that the Project seeks to provide.

This collaboration centers on the programmatic initiatives of the Project’s Working Committees, with each anchored by two Collaborators. The Project is guided and supported by a Steering Committee composed of the Anchor organizations of each Working Committees. Together, these Anchor members are responsible for creating and overseeing a system of decentralized, participatory, and inclusive activities.

We produce the emergent solutions to the inevitable shift in the way energy resources are managed and produced.

Energy Democracy Project