Omesa is a young professional with a fervent passion for environmental and climate justice and equity who is dedicated to addressing the root causes of environmental and climate injustice especially for the underserved communities at the frontlines of climate change. He hails from the Kisii Community in Western Kenya which suffers the devastating impacts of climate change that he has witnessed and experienced firsthand.

He is dedicated to creating meaningful dialogues and actionable solutions in the climate action space. Omesa is the Producer and Host of The Climate Voices Podcast, a unique platform that he founded while in Graduate School that breaks siloes and bridges the communication gap between policymakers, scientists, researchers, climate activists, and community practitioners from around the globe. Through insightful conversations and sharing success stories, he aims to inspire and mobilize collective action towards a more just, sustainable, and resilient world.

He recently graduated from Clark University with a Master’s in Environmental Science & Policy with a concentration in Climate Change Impacts & Adaptation. Prior to joining Energy Allies, Omesa was an Environmental and Climate Justice Equity (ECJE) Fellow at MobilizeGreen.

Omesa Mokaya (he/him)